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I'm from Abu Dhabi, UAE; I love to knit; and I'm FINALLY blogging! I'm hoping to writing about my knitting escapades, tell you more about the UAE and other stuff through this blog :) cheers!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I'm at work and I'm so bored! It's not like there isn't anywork to do, it's just that there isn't anything challengging enough!

Let me describe to you what a typical day at work entails:

1. check emails

2. go to lab

3. analyze samples

4. go back to office and check emails

5. go home

...and it's like this EVERY single day! I do the same type of work, with the same type of samples, day in day out!!!!!

What keeps me going? The fact that in May I'd have worked here for two years, which would look good on my resume and then am outta here!!! I don't want to do this anymore, because i absolutely hate routine work.

I haven't decided yet, what I want to do after I leave but I'm thinking of going back to university and studying for my Master's degree, something challenging!

*SIGH*....cest moi ===============>

OK, i didn't mean to ramble...:)


Saturday, December 16, 2006


Can anyone guess what I'm knitting? I can't!
I'm just making up the pattern as I go...let's see where this takes me, hehehe

blush of the garden

A dear friend was the recipient of this bookmark that i knitted, even though I am extremely pleasant with how it turned out, I don't like the way the picture turned out (this was taken B.W. <=Before Web cam!).
Anyhoo, my friend named this bookmark Blush of the Garden...very creative :)

The pattern for the flower and leaves was taken from "The Knitter's Bible: The Complete Handbook for Creative Knitters " by Claire Crompton.

I just knitted them separately, binded off and left a long tail of yarn then tied them together and ta-da...Blush of the Garden was born :)


Monday, December 11, 2006

web cam

I bought a web cam the other day and was dying to try it, so here it goes:
This is a cupcake and a flower magnet that I painted at cafe ceramique (a coffee shop and ceramic painting place)

These are my new slippers! I wonder if I could knit something similar...

hmm...what else should I capture with my new web cam (hehehehe)


Saturday, December 9, 2006

Things I like to do

There are things I like to do...
Watch TV
Go to the beach
Listen to music
and there are things I like to do simultaneously...
Knit, talk and listen to music
Knit and watch TV
EAT and watch TV
Go to beach and Knit
Sing and Knit
Read, watch TV and EAT (as you can see I LUV to eat, hehehe!)

Friday, December 8, 2006

My first ever scarf

For those of you who know UAE's weather, you'd be puzzled as to why I need a scarf. For those of you who don't, allow me to enlighten you!

The UAE is HOT from around Mid April to Late September, Cool from Late November to early March and warm for the rest of the year even for some of the days in the 'cool' months! The coldest it would get is a 15 degrees Celsius and you certainly do not need a scarf! So the use of a scarf is mostly as an accessory.

A while ago, a dear friend of mine gifted me with this beautiful, pink, mohair yarn. For the longest time, i had no idea what to do with it. So when the latest issue of Simply Knitting magazine (which I strongly recommend) carried a pattern for this beautiful mohair scarf, I avidly knitted away and four days later...

Ta-daa! my latest accessory :) Keep logging in 'cause I have a few more projects coming up...



Finally, I've been able to add my picture ;) to my profile. I fell in love with this picture as soon as I saw it and decided to add it to my profile. It can even be used as an avatar! There's plenty where that came from here!
OK more information...
A lot of people living here in the UAE have a hard time finding good yarn. So far most of the yarn found here is acrylic, craft yarn. So i did a bit of search and here are places which sell yarn (I have also listed these in the comments section of my first post):

Abu Dhabi:

  1. Malik & Shaid (behind Madinat Zayed shopping center) -they have chunky, Turkish yarn, German tweed yarn, some metallic as well as cotton yarn.
  2. Bastaki (also behind MZ shopping center) - they have a variety of yarn, including this wonderful 100% acrylic, kind of mohair yarn that is worsted weight (which my friend discovered, bless her!)
  3. Green Branch (on Electra Street) -slightly more expensive than the two shops above but they have a large range of yarn and knitting tools (I bought my cable needles here)
  4. Emirates General Supermarket (Hamdan Street) -100% acrylic yarn
  5. and a couple of shops in the Zayani area (the area behind Al Mariah Cinema) - I don't know the names of these shops but they have good wooden needles and you can get a good bargain if you know how to (bargain, that is!)

Dubai: (I have never tried these shops)

  1. The Sirdar website says that Magrudy's sell their yarn
  2. I heard that Fida's (telephone number: 04 344 4008) in Satwa area, Dubai do sell yarn

So all you UAE-ians (if such a word exists) go search for yarn in these places and tell me what you think, also feel free to write about any of your yarn discoveries in the UAE!